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Journal for a Growing Chef

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In the Skill It classroom students always have a Chef’s Journal and pencil on hand. 

We do this because it gives the young chefs a way to capture their thoughts, questions, and drawings about the food they are cooking.

Cooking and eating are fleeting and ephemeral pursuits.  After you and your family have nibbled every bite, cleared the dishes and cleaned the countertops, what is left?

The Chef’s Journal is about play and curiosity. 

Kids learn new vocabulary words to describe the tastes and textures of their culinary creations.

They draw pictures, ask questions, and write down their recipes.  We invite them to choose an adjective that sums up their experience in the kitchen that day.

What did they think the finished dish was going to taste like?
Is there something they would do differently next time?
Who did they cook and eat with?

The Chef’s Journal is a place to explore and to create a record of their progress. 

We can see their understanding of the cooking process in their step-by-step pictures. Their personal preferences shine through in their suggestions for adding favorite flavors and spices to the dish.

It’s been a dream of Skill It to make our Chef’s Journal bigger, better, and accessible to those of you who cook with us at home. A space and place that is simple, creative, and fun, to cultivate curiosity in your little chef.

And a way to connect what we do at home and in our kitchens with the bigger world around us.

Collecting a Leaf Catalog of  favorite fruits & berries so they better understand the nature of food.

Keeping a New Flavors page as your child tastes the difference between Cinnamon and Cardamom.

Interviewing family members about your Family Food History so they know where they come from.

Are you getting as inspired as we are?  Can you imagine your child with journal & pen, connecting the dots between words, tastes, smells, and family?

We can, too.

Tell us…what else would you and your children want to see in your Chef’s Journal?
Leave a note in the comments below…

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One thought on “Journal for a Growing Chef

  1. I love this idea! I’m a Middle School Math and Spanish Education major and I’m working on a Senior Capstone Project at my university to develop a unit for middle school students to teach them about ratios, proportions, unit pricing, etc through cooking. I was looking for something the students could document their findings in and to do calculations, pictures, descriptions, pricing, planning menus, etc and this helped a lot! Thank you.

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