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How to Cook Whole Grains


Grain Cooking ChartThere are few things that I find easier or more satisfying than a simple supper of a protein, whole grain, and vegetable. The combinations feel endless and can be seasoned and gussied up to fit a particular cuisine that you might be in the mood for.

In recent years it seems the number of grains that are available (and fashionable) has grown and grown. I never ate quinoa when I was a child and I had certainly never heard of millet or farro.

Now I love experimenting with these different grains to make healthy salads, with lots of vegetables, olive oil, vinegar, and crumbled feta cheese.

In these efforts to expand our taste buds and eat a greater variety of grains, I became a tad frustrated with myself for having to look up the cooking times and grain to water ratio every night.

Wouldn’t it be easier if I wrote all that down onto one piece of paper and put it on the refrigerator?

I have been meaning to do this for well over a year, and finally just had to do it. I think I was more motivated because I knew I could share it with you! So, if you click on that image right up there, it will take you to a lovely printable-PDF of the new, official Skill It Grain Cooking Chart. It is pretty enough to pin up to your refrigerator so that all the information you need is right at hand.

I hope this makes putting dinner on the table just a little bit easier. And if you are cooking with little ones, might I suggest that you put this at their height and encourage them to be your official grain & water measuring experts. Oh, and they can set the timer for you when the grains are ready to be simmered!

Here are some photos of delicious dinners we’ve made with grains to whet your appetite. And if you like the looks of these, I hope you’ll consider joining the upcoming session of Season’s Eatings that starts this Friday. There will be lots of delicious dinner recipes and more ideas for bringing out the simple joys of cooking and eating together!

Cooking with GrainsFrom Left to Right: Chicken with Chard & Couscous, How to store Quinoa, Cod sauteed in tomatoes and lemon over Quinoa

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2 thoughts on “How to Cook Whole Grains

  1. Great chart! just pinned it.

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