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Pretty Pink Foods for Valentine’s Day


I have been busy as a bee leading the Winter session of Season’s Eatings and creating goodies for the Skill It newsletter these past few weeks. (Not signed up? Click here to be on the list!)

The spirit of this day is a celebration of love and is typically associated with hearts and flowers, chocolate and candy. While I enjoy chocolate as much as the next gal, I wanted to honor this day in a different way.

Since food is always on my mind, Valentine’s Day has been making me think about all the pretty pink fruits and veggies I enjoy eating. So I rounded up my favorite photos of pretty, pink food and am sharing them here in a short & sweet way.

From beans to borscht, my favorite pink soup, these photos remind us that every color of the rainbow can be found in nature…and usually in an edible form!

Pink_Beans_RadicchioPink Beans & Radicchio

Pink_Grapefruit_BorschtPink Grapefruit & Borscht (Beet Soup)

Pink_Chard_GreetingRainbow Chard Stems

I hope you have a beautiful, delicious, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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2 thoughts on “Pretty Pink Foods for Valentine’s Day

  1. Love that ou can be thematic without sugar and food dye :) Yay!

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