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A Big {BIG} Spring Giveaway!


Today I am so excited to offer a HUGE giveaway for…

a spot in the e-course Feathering the Nest &

a spot in Mama Scout’s e-course A Book About Me.

Both of these classes begin on April 1st and they are the perfect companions to each other. Together they deal with the inner and outer worlds we create. The physical and ethereal combined.
If you are like Stephanie, Amy & me, you have some goals for shifting your inner and outer world this year. Spring is a glorious opportunity to choose which parts of your life you will be nourishing. With A Book About Me and Feathering the Nest, those questions will be asked and you’ll have the chance to really dig in, and unearth bits of yourself you might feel disconnected from.
Book_About_Me_FeatherPerhaps you spent a little time de-cluttering and making space in the last few months? If your answer is yes, {or that is on your to-do list for the weekend!} you might be ready for these next questions:
What will I do with this new-found space?
What sort of dreams and views do I want to manifest this spring and this year?
Feathering the Nest and A Book About Me can help you shift into a gorgeous season, a joyous year, and a life that feeds your soul.
A Book About Me was created by Amy Bowers, the talented writer behind the MamaScout blog.
Here is how she describes her course:
“You might be looking for the forgotten you, the submerged self, a younger or different you than who you confront in the mirror each morning. This course is to help you uncover her, find her and also redefine her. Because chances are, she has been deep in the muck so long, she might have evolved into something a little different.”

“By recording the details of our lives, both big and small, through word and image, we recover our lost selves and reconstruct stronger versions of the women we want to be.”

If you want to read more about Amy’s course, click here. To learn more about Feathering the Nest, click on the pretty image below.
Because we want everyone to have access to these classes, we are both offering 15% off their tuition!

A Book About Me – enter “FEATHER” at checkout here and receive 15% off
Feathering the Nest – enter “MAMASCOUT” at checkout here and receive 15% off

Now, how can you enter to win?
To win your space in BOTH awesome courses – just leave a comment below telling us… what do you want to step into this spring?
And for good measure – connect with us here:
Leah’s Skill It newsletter
Skill It on Facebook
That’s it! Enter today by leaving your comment and I will randomly pick a winner one week from today, on March 28th!
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20 thoughts on “A Big {BIG} Spring Giveaway!

  1. this is super!

  2. Wow! What a wonderful opportunity! Thank you both!

    I’d like to step into this spring, with more ways to nourish myself, truly nourish myself on all levels. As a mama to 4 little ones & running my own biz. I find it’s hard to have the energy left at the end of the day to work on my art or other creative pursuits. I want to step into creating space for myself to flourish this spring :)

  3. I want to step into a simpler simpler home. I’m craving it! great giveaways!

  4. This is so generous. I would like to step into myself. I saw a wonderful quote not long ago and it altered the way I think of myself. It was something like “it’s not about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.” As a mother of 5 I have always felt the necessity to make time for myself, even if it felt selfish. But I usually feel stuck about how to do so. thanks!

  5. This is a beautiful giveaway! Perfect for springtime.

  6. These look amazing. I’d like to step into joy. I’m sure its here underneath my clutter

  7. Oh how delightful!

    This spring, I’m hoping to step into a guilt free zone and put myself first. I recently had a revelation that I put everyone and thing in this world first, before myself. While selflessness can be a virtue, it can also be self destructive. I am gradually working on caring for myself, and not feeling guilty about it!

  8. I have been living in crisis mode for over 10 years. Finally this past year Many wonderful things fell into place. And now? I feel. a little bit. stuck. I want to step into a place of peace that comes from not “having everything done” but rather comes from feeling good about where I’ve finally settled. To be creative again rather than purely reactionary – (I’ve forgotten how to do anything other than react to crisis.) And, to step into connection with other women and a more grounded space. Thank you for the give away offer – I’ve already signed up for Feathering the Nest, but I would love to be part of the Book About Me

  9. Hi, thanks for the opportunity!
    I’ve just stepped into a new role and I’d like to step into a quiet space and time to make sense of it n help ease our whole family into it! I promise this cryptic message makes sense to me :)

  10. i’d like to step into spring refreshed and with a little more organized creativity…:)

  11. Oh how I would love this!!! Im struggling with such empty nest syndrome….Stepping into a new part of my life would be awesome..Thank u..

  12. I’d like to step into spring simpler. I have no clue what to do with my house, I have 3 dogs and 2 can’t be together b/c they fight. I have a bunch of time on my hands and spend way too much time on the computer…. :) ty for such a precious giveaway! Good luck everyone!

  13. This would be lovely. I’d like things around me to be simple and joyful this spring. and to be able to use my time more wisely… something I’m really bad at. ty! and good luck everyone!

    • If this is a dupe I apologize – I often have a hard time logging into word press blogs… My real name is Robin Phillips-Knotts :: cokelush at gmail

  14. I’m making an effort to step out of this place of fear, where I second-guess everything (even the supposedly-simple things) and start doing it anyway. Bring on Spring!

  15. I feel this season will bring a new opportunity to be myself, to listen to who I really am I what I really really want to do -not what I have to do, not what others tell me to do. Any help will be much welcome!

  16. I want to step into fresh air, fresh foods, fresh feelings, fresh attitudes! I love the ideas of both of these courses–what a wonderful gift to share your expertise with us!

  17. I *need* to step into some sort of organised life rather than the seat-of-my-pants chaos I am currently living with!

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