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A Dreamy Spring Giveaway!


Today I am so excited to offer a giveaway for…

a spot in Mama Scout’s upcoming Dream Lab


Dream Lab is a 10 day explosion of information where I share everything I know about getting things done. Making things happen. And staying open to all possibilities.

We will talk about how to collect your ideas, how to map your past for clues and connections, how to open up and talk to strangers, how to expand time, think bigger, share your ideas, ask for what you want, and create a consistent creative practice.

DreamLab_ShellsEach day, for 10 days, starting on April 14 you will receive and email with a provocative and juicy essay, writing prompts and creative projects that will help you manifest those ideas knocking around in your head. There will also be music, movie and book recommendations as well as a few little surprises (hint: sign up early to get one of them in the mail!)

The most exciting part is that we will turn our group into a true lab of alchemic passion. We will pull from our collective knowledge, creativity and resources to help each other get closer to each of our dreams. When we help others we propel ourselves along our path too. I have seen this in my other labs over and over. Connections, deep connections are made as soul mates and friends from around the world are found.

Having participated in Amy’s courses over the years I can tell you that she offers a wonderful, encouraging, and insightful course. And that bit about the group turning into a lab of “alchemic passion?” Well, it’s true. Because connecting with others is one of the very best ways to make your dreams come true.

Now, how can you enter to win?

To win your space just leave a comment below telling us… what are you dreaming of creating this Spring?
Enter today by leaving your comment and I will randomly pick a winner this Friday, on April 11th!
PS – Amy is hosting a giveaway spot for season’s eatings on her blog as well…click here to pop over and enter for a second chance to win!
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2 thoughts on “A Dreamy Spring Giveaway!

  1. What a lovely giveaway this is! Sounds great!
    This Spring I am dreaming of many things actually.. One dream is to launch my Whole Life Design eCourse and Group coaching. Also creating a solid plan of action for my Soul biz and for my VA business. (and snapping some blossom photos of course)

  2. I love Amy’s classes! I am dreaming of creating a beautiful and vibrant garden this Spring. One to sustain my family physically and to enjoy time with my little loves watching them and it grow.

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