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{TWO giveaways!} Mothering with HeART & season’s eatings


It really is a time of amazing abundance around here this Spring! I am so delighted to have met so many amazing women in the past years who all offer such wonderful guidance and inspiration to nurture and support others along their paths. Shannon Kinney, the creator of A Free Spirit Life is one of those very people. A mama, coach, teacher, and artist, Shannon is someone I always turn to for a boost of creative confidence and lovely ideas.
MWH_LogoI am so very excited to be able to offer a giveaway with her this week for a spot in her course, Mothering with HeART, along with a spot in season’s eatings. Yep, two giveaways in one!
Here is a little more about Mothering with HeART:

To be a mother is to learn how to nurture and guide your children while you nurture and guide your own life.

This means, take time for YOU.  Get rest.  Do what feeds your soul.  Make space every day for creative activities that bring great flow and recharge into your life.  Find stillness so that you can let go of the outward distractions and more easily connect to your own intuition.  Listen to your heart.  And TRUST that you are right where you need to be.

You are doing enough.  You ARE enough. And your kids love you – oh yes they do.

It takes practice to learn how to integrate your personal interests and needs into daily life with children.

Mothering with heART gives you a daily dose of inspiration, support and encouragement so that you can connect to the wisdom within your heart – that place inside YOU that simply knows the creative dreams and desires waiting and ready to be born.

Shannon Kinney

The NEW Mothering with heART e-course runs April 28th – May 16th.

This live, three week course includes:

  • reflections and inspiration on creativity & intuitive mothering
  • daily journal prompts that support & encourage mindful living & dream building
  • tips to invite more rest and relaxation into your life
  • 3 videos which address weekly themes:  Love, Courage & Joy
  • 1 guided audio meditation created to nurture moms
  • weekly art journaling projects to do with and alongside your children (of any age) –
  • connection to a private, ongoing community with other mothers from all over the world
  • LIVE online chat with our community
  • personal essays, interviews, stories, tips and other inspiration from artists, writers, life coaches, stay-at-home moms and more… (See below for the list of special guest contributors.)

Now, how can you enter to win?

To win your space just leave a comment below telling us…where in your life could you use the nurturing of this community?
Enter by leaving your comment and I will randomly pick a winner this Monday, on April 14th.
I can’t wait to read each of your comments and I wish you luck in both of these great giveaways!
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5 thoughts on “{TWO giveaways!} Mothering with HeART & season’s eatings

  1. I’m 7 months pregnant with my second (a boy) and feeling very excited but also overwhelmed – how will I cope with a newborn baby and my beautiful little 3 year old daughter (and have any time to myself!)? Will having a boy be totally different? Am I ready for the changing dynamic and shift in energy that will inevitably take place? Of course I know that it will be a wonderful experience and I’m super excited but still…a few niggling anxieties! Some support and words of wisdom would be amazing!

  2. Hi,
    Funny, Nurturing is my word for 2014, but being a working mother of 2 young children, I think I could do with a lil help sticking with my 2014 resolution for nurturing me! Thanks for the opportunity!
    C x

  3. Often I want to separate my creative self from my kids’ creative selves. I think, well, I will get to my project when they are asleep or at grandmas. Then that time comes and I am too exhausted or uninspired to use that time. Or I end up catching up on cleaning. It’s frustrating. I am slowly becoming aware of the fact that creating together is beneficial to all of us (my kids and I). As a unit we can make fantastic things. As three bodies in the same room we can create and energy that fuels each individual project. Often though we struggle on where to begin or how to create that dynamic that is supportive to our creative spirits. Shannon is truly an inspiring and supportive mama. Her class may be just what we need to get unstuck, to get inspired, to get creative together. Thank you for the opportunity to win a place.

  4. Ooh – I’ve never heard of this course before, but it sounds like exactly what I need! I’ve got a 7yr old with autism, a 4yr old who’s in the middle of being assessed for autism and ADHD, and an 8mth old baby who is the king of mischief!!!! I have vague dreams of writing a book and owning a creative business, but with all that on my plate (did I mention – we homeschool too!?!?) I can’t remember the last time I took 30 seconds to breathe, let alone anything more! Fingers crossed! :-)

  5. Consider choosing me. I am a mother of four, constantly craving an outlet for creativity. All my life I believed I was not artistic. This year I am determined to be patient with myself and my abilities. I have taken up journaling and am finding out that I can enjoy creating something that is not perfect. I want to learn more, I crave projects for myself and my little loves. Please, consider me.

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