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Love for Lunch

Love for Lunch E-Course

Sometimes it feels like family dinner gets all the attention, but lunch is just as important to creating a happy and healthy eating routine for ourselves and our loved ones. It seems we often get stuck in a rut with our lunch, eating the same thing day after day. Or, we end up eating out or buying pre-packaged meals and snacks that aren’t quite as healthy for us and our kids as we’d like them to be.  

Tuna_SaladLove for Lunch is a 10 day e-course that will give you the recipes, tools, and ideas you need to turn your midday meal into a healthy and delicious highlight of the day.

Over the course of our time together, you’ll learn my tried and true approach to stocking your refrigerator so you are prepared for the week ahead. Because one of the most nourishing and kind things you can do for yourself each week is to make a simple plan, spend a little time getting prepared, and breathe a little space and ease into your lunchtime food routines.

Whether you are packing lunches for school-bound children or staying at home, these ideas and recipes will provide abundant inspiration for healthy and appealing meals. If you spend most of your days in an office and are looking for an affordable and nutritious alternative to cafeterias and lunches out, you’ll love the recipes for big-batches of flavorful foods and whole food snacks.

In all that we do at Skill It, our approach is based on the belief that how we do anything is just as important as what we are doing.

This is why we like to set intentions as we take the time to cook beautiful, nourishing food for ourselves and our loved ones. By coming together in our online shared community, we can share stories of our success, ways to personalize the recipes, and enjoy connections with other like-minded mamas and food-lovers.

As we move through this 10 day experience together, you might just be surprised by the new found glowing confidence and sense of ease radiating through your days as you adopt these new concepts into your daily and weekly rhythms.

During the 10 days of the Love for Lunch journey, this is what you can expect:

  • 10 inspirational emails from me, one for each day
  • Beautiful, full-color recipes with step-by-step instructions
  • Tools for organizing weekly grocery shopping and meal planning
  • Creative ideas for cooking in big batches
  • Several pretty, printable charts to bring more ease to your lunch routines
  • Delicious, whole-foods homemade snacks you’ll love
  • Live conversations with me, community and connection in our private Facebook group
  • Other surprises and goodies as we go along together

Snack Crackers fresh from the ovenEvery morning for our 10 days together, you will be greeted with an email introducing a key idea along with a printable page of recipes. offering a perfectly digestible portion of ideas and flavors so you can slowly add them to your lunch routine. You can follow along at your own pace and incorporate the foods and suggestions that work best for you and your family.

Because food is usually best when it’s a family affair, Love for Lunch will talk about ways for all hands, big and small, can play a part in preparing these recipes. The emails and recipes will show you how little hands in particular can help whip-up big batches of snacks, tasty veggie dips, and peel & chop up fruit for the week ahead.

Whether you are eating at home or packing things to go, Love for Lunch will help you economize both your money and time by showing you how to make more things from scratch and prepare recipes and dishes that last for more than one meal.

Every day for 10 days you’ll get an email with all the content you need to refresh your relationship to one of the most important meals of the day. With each email, filled with words of encouragement and inspiration, you will get beautifully designed worksheets & recipes to print and save.

Along with the hands-on and practical elements of this course, you will also become a member in an online community to connect with other like-minded mamas. Together, we share stories and support each other to make these gentle transformations in our kitchens, at the table, and in the lunchbox!

Love For Lunch Food

The course tuition for Love for Lunch includes resources and recipes that are yours to keep and cook from forever. If you are ready to love up your lunch with a dose of practical inspiration, I hope you will join me for this 10-day journey! Our ten days together begins on Wednesday, October 1st and ends on Friday, October 10th. By the end of the class, you’ll have a fantastic resource that you can turn to again and again so you can truly Love your Lunch.

Love for Lunch ~ $39
Fall session registration closed

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Common questions and answers…

We’re gluten-free, will this work for us? – Skill It is GF friendly and you can expect anywhere from 50 – 75% of the recipes to work for you as written. Most others can be modified easily with simple GF substitutes.

I homeschool my kids, will this class help our family? – Absolutely, wherever you happen to eat lunch, this class can help you organize your time, plan your meals, and bring a healthy variety of delicious new meals to your day.

My kids attend a nut-free school, can we take Love for Lunch? – Yes! All recipes can be made without tree nuts.

I don’t have kids…is this class for me? – We think so, especially if you take lunch with you to work…preparing your own food is a great way to make healthy food choices and save on the costs of eating out, too.

If we still haven’t answered your questions, please send an email to Leah at skillitri[at] and I’ll get back to you right away!

with love and light,


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