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Love for Lunch

Love for Lunch E-CourseWe know how easy it is to get stuck in a rut with your mid-day meal. We TOTALLY get it! And Skill It is here to help. Because if there is one thing we love, it is to give you the best recipes and ideas we’ve got and share them with you in a pretty, organized, and enjoyable way.

Love for Lunch is a 10 day e-class to help you answer the age-old question, “What’s for Lunch?”

Here’s what you can expect from Love for Lunch:

  • Healthy step-by-step printable recipes
  • Tools for organizing grocery shopping & planning
  • Creative ideas for cooking in big batches
  • Delicious homemade snacks you’ll love
  • Connection in a private, online Facebook Group

Each morning of the class we’ll give you the perfect, digestible amount of ideas and flavors so you can slowly add them to your lunch routine. You can follow along at your own pace and incorporate the foods and suggestions that work best for you and your family.

As usual, we love when kids take part in the preparation of their food. So we’ll show you how little hands can help whip-up big batches of snacks, tasty veggie dips, and peel & chop up fruit for the week ahead.

If you’re like me, the grown-ups in the house may also be looking for some lunch inspiration! Whether you are eating at home or packing things to go, Love for Lunch will help you save money by showing you how to make more things from scratch when you have the time.

Love For Lunch Food

Every day for 10 days you’ll get an email from us with all the content you need to bring some zip & serious excitement to one of the most important meals of the day. With each email, filled with words of encouragement & inspiration, you will get beautifully designed worksheets & recipes to print and save.

(We are famous at Skill It for our fun, printable recipes & workbooks!)

I know you’re ready to sign-up and you’ve come to the right place! Class starts on Friday, March 15th and ends on Sunday the 24th. By the end of the class, you’ll have a fantastic resource that you can turn to again and again so you can really, really Love your Lunch.

Love for Lunch is currently in session.

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Have a question? Here are some answers!

We’re gluten-free, will this work for us? – Skill It is GF friendly and you can expect anywhere from 50 – 75% of the recipes to work for you as written. Most others can be modified easily with GF substitutes.

I homeschool my kids, will this class help our family? – Absolutely! Wherever you happen to eat lunch, this class can help you organize your time & save money while still eating a delicious lunch everyday.

My kids attend a nut-free school, can we take Love for Lunch? – Yes! All recipes can be made without tree nuts.

I don’t have kids…is this class for me? – We think so, especially if you take lunch with you to work…you might save some serious money by not eating out as much!

If we still haven’t answered your questions, please send us an email to Leah, and we’ll get back to you right away!



Leah Cherry - Founder of Skill It

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