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Sweet Summer

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Summer is a time of crickets, fireflies, and bountiful summer harvests.  Days are hot and muggy, afternoons bring a refreshing rainshower and the evenings are long as the sun leisurely makes it’s way down.

Summer is sweet.  Summer is a reminder to all of us to slow down, enjoy each other’s company, and revel in the beautiful abundance of the season.

For those who may not already know this, I am a California girl, through and through.  In my particular piece of that big state, we have green winters and dry, brown summers.  I celebrated the winter holidays in shorts and t-shirts!

When everyday is about 65 degrees and sunny year-round, it is pretty hard to appreciate in the moment.  Especially if that’s how you are raised and you don’t know anything else.

June 1st marked my four-year anniversary as a New Englander.  Living through long winters makes me appreciate the summer harvest, the warm weather and endless hours of sunlight.

For a little 4th of July inspiration, I’m sharing a photo from a recent cookout.  Grilling may be the most iconic method for cooking your food in the summertime.  Kebabs are fantastically kid-friendly and easy.  You can kebab almost anything!  {Tomatoes are a personal favorite.}  We skewered up some summer squash & red onion on this particular night.

I wish you and yours a beautiful, sunny, and delicious holiday.

Happy 4th of July!

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