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A Little Routine

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One of the things a wonderful teacher provides for their students is consistency and routine.  We draw boundaries, maintain schedules, and uphold standards. We know this creates safety and comfort for children, not anxiety or stress.

When a person feels safe and comfortable, they can freely express their creativity, joy, and happiness.

Whether it’s nurture or nature, cultivating and maintaining consistent routines does not come easily to all of us! But when you practice them, aren’t the results amazing?

My good habits include:
Shopping for food once a week.
Eating cereal and fruit every morning, Monday through Friday.
Serving greens at every dinner, either lettuce, broccoli, kale or spinach.

From declaring a Kids Make the Pizza Friday to assigning salad prep to your oldest child on Mondays and Wednesdays, you can take out some of the guess work around food and dinnertime. You’re likely to see an increased level of peace and a decreased level of stress and confusion on everyone’s part.

And your children are learning wonderful habits of responsibility, perseverance, and nutrition!

They’ll come to accept cooking, conversation, and eating fresh food as an integral part of daily life.

Good habits become life-long healthy reflexes.

Your children will find themselves cooking with their children, and passing the same happy memories onto the next generation.

Your routines become treasured family traditions.

You need not change everything at once.  Instead, start where you are. (Confession, I borrowed this expression from a very well-known book)

Pick one small thing and do it for a week or two. Allow yourself time to become comfortable with the adjustment. Give it time to take root in the rhythm of family life.

After those few weeks, take a moment to reflect on what happens for you, your kids, your attitude, and your outlook. Is there a little less bickering on those Pizza night? Do the kids eat a few more green things now that salad is on the table every night, rain or shine?

Whether you pick something weekly or nightly, here are a few things to try:
Eat a simple lettuce salad every night
Have the kids chop veggies on Thursdays
Assign your children to set the table every night
Finish your meal with berries every Tuesday

What would you like to incorporate in your life this week?
Share it here and in the comments below.

And we can’t wait to hear the difference it makes in your day…

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