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Why Skill It?

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Skill It is based on the belief that cooking a meal, sewing a hem, tending a garden, and fixing a leak are the kinds of skills that all children should and can learn.

We believe that working with your hands nourishes your spirit and connects you to your family, your past, and your community.

When something is handmade or homemade, we taste, feel, smell, and sense the difference.  Food connects us and meals cement our memories and traditions.

I have a grandmother who grew up in Russia and makes amazing soups, sour cream mashed potatoes and butter-soaked green beans. She talked me through her borscht recipe over the phone when I was in college and eager to carry on the tradition of cooking these comforting foods.

My other grandmother passed away when I was very young. She was a scientist and an artist and ate sushi in the 70’s.

I am lucky that my mother kept her alive for me with stories.

Passing on knowledge from generation to generation gives us roots. Making time to teach and learn the traditional talents of our family and culture helps us find our place in the world.

At this time last summer I visited my mother in Hawaii. I spent the day in a children’s summer camp that taught cooking, gardening, and crafts of the traditional Hawaiian culture. They planted taro root, the staple food of the Hawaiian people, and talked story about its importance in their daily life.

Working in the garden, the children connected with their history through their hands.

And they had fun! They got to to what kids do best – being outside, moving freely, and taking on their assigned task with focus and determination.

Season’s Eatings, our cooking class for families, is a workbook for learning together.

It will teach you more than delicious recipes, it will create a conversation in your kitchen.

Class starts this Friday, August 3rd, so you can join us today.

One thought on “Why Skill It?

  1. I love this post. Full of purpose and heart. I can’t wait to start Season’s Eatings!

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