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Joy at the Table

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At heart, Season’s Eatings was inspired by a desire to bring joy to the kitchens and dinner tables of families near and far.

Family dinner can be a sacred, restorative time in our day.  It’s a chance to slow down, connect, and nourish both our bodies and our relationships with one another.

How we get that food on the table can be simple and fun.  It can make everyone in the house feel useful, valuable, and empowered.  There is always a way to suggest a task for an extra set of hands that find themselves in the kitchen.

With children, it is amazing how early on they can focus and are eager to make a meaningful contribution to the family dinner.

In September I stayed with my best friend in Northern California and her family.  After our delicious dinner, their two year old daughter delighted in pulling out her step stool, grabbing a scrub brush and soap, and doing her best to tackle the sink of dirty dinner dishes.

Does it take more convincing than this to know that children are interested in learning to be capable human beings?

Our journey in the kitchen is focused on how you can nurture that desire to work in your little ones.  Whether they are washing salad greens, chopping up vegetables, or setting the table, little hands thrive when they have a job to do. {Big hands do, too!}

In the Skill It kitchen, we believe in simple, seasonal foods.  We like to prepare them in a way that honors their naturally delicious flavors. In our thinking, the goal is not necessarily to be a gourmet, it is to model a healthy approach to food to the young souls who are learning from our actions. 

And yes, it is possible to put a meal on the table made from healthy, delicious foods even if you only have half an hour to make that happen!

With Season’s Eatings, we are creating a community that encourages and applauds one another for bringing joy and magic to the noble work of feeding our families.

Together, we’re gathering at one big table, laughing, talking, and celebrating over bowls of steaming soup and plates of roasted vegetables.

Having fun with food, ourselves, and our families.

Bringing joy to dinnertime, one dish, and one day, at a time.

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