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we have a winner…

I am delighted to announce that Lindsay Holt from Whole Body Alchemy is the winner of the Big Spring Giveaway!

Do you know that one of my favorite words is “kismet?” I just had to tell everyone that when I went to Lindsay’s website, I gasped a little because she has feathers everywhere, in the graphic design and the featured photos. Then I clicked to another page and found this quote…

Let me be as a feather. Strong with purpose, yet light at heart. Able to bend and, tho I might become frayed, pull myself together again. -Anita Sams

I thought all of you would enjoy this story and these lovely words on this soft and gentle Friday.

Lindsay will get a spot in Feathering the Nest and A Book About Me.


Both of these beautiful courses start on April 1st (soon!) If you would like to sign-up you have plenty of time to join in the fun!



A Big {BIG} Spring Giveaway!

Today I am so excited to offer a HUGE giveaway for…

a spot in the e-course Feathering the Nest &

a spot in Mama Scout’s e-course A Book About Me.

Both of these classes begin on April 1st and they are the perfect companions to each other. Together they deal with the inner and outer worlds we create. The physical and ethereal combined.
If you are like Stephanie, Amy & me, you have some goals for shifting your inner and outer world this year. Spring is a glorious opportunity to choose which parts of your life you will be nourishing. With A Book About Me and Feathering the Nest, those questions will be asked and you’ll have the chance to really dig in, and unearth bits of yourself you might feel disconnected from.
Book_About_Me_FeatherPerhaps you spent a little time de-cluttering and making space in the last few months? If your answer is yes, {or that is on your to-do list for the weekend!} you might be ready for these next questions:
What will I do with this new-found space?
What sort of dreams and views do I want to manifest this spring and this year?
Feathering the Nest and A Book About Me can help you shift into a gorgeous season, a joyous year, and a life that feeds your soul.
A Book About Me was created by Amy Bowers, the talented writer behind the MamaScout blog.
Here is how she describes her course:
“You might be looking for the forgotten you, the submerged self, a younger or different you than who you confront in the mirror each morning. This course is to help you uncover her, find her and also redefine her. Because chances are, she has been deep in the muck so long, she might have evolved into something a little different.”

“By recording the details of our lives, both big and small, through word and image, we recover our lost selves and reconstruct stronger versions of the women we want to be.”

If you want to read more about Amy’s course, click here. To learn more about Feathering the Nest, click on the pretty image below.
Because we want everyone to have access to these classes, we are both offering 15% off their tuition!

A Book About Me – enter “FEATHER” at checkout here and receive 15% off
Feathering the Nest – enter “MAMASCOUT” at checkout here and receive 15% off

Now, how can you enter to win?
To win your space in BOTH awesome courses – just leave a comment below telling us… what do you want to step into this spring?
And for good measure – connect with us here:
Leah’s Skill It newsletter
Skill It on Facebook
That’s it! Enter today by leaving your comment and I will randomly pick a winner one week from today, on March 28th!

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A Side of Greens: Spinach

Raw SpinachIf there is one green vegetable that is the most versatile standby in my kitchen, it has to be spinach.

Their tender leaves are available year-round in the market and they can be cooked in endless ways to match up with all different cuisines and dishes.

I am particularly fond of adding spinach to other dishes, like eggs, soups, and stews. Since it is our commitment to eat something dark green at every dinner, I am always on the lookout for ways to add greens to something else so I can have a one-pot meal that requires less cleaning up at the end of the night.

Spinach is also one of the quickest-cooking greens out there so your dinner can come together in a snap.

If I am serving my spinach next to roasted chicken, broiled salmon, or inside a spinach & pepper quesadilla, it just needs a few minutes in a hot skillet with a dash of olive oil and perhaps a splash of water to become perfectly cooked.

Sauteed Baby SpinachSpinach is delicious raw, but its texture is not for everyone. Have you ever eaten spinach and sort of felt like you were eating fine grains of chalk? For some scientific reason {that I don’t plan on researching} this is one of spinach’s quirks. I usually mix baby spinach raw with other greens so at least I don’t notice it that much.

I think spinach tastes especially great in these dishes:

  • Enchiladas with black beans & cheese
  • Curried lentil soup
  • Omelettes and frittatas, or eggs in general
  • Stir-fries and noodle soups

If you want to serve up a simple side dish of sauteed spinach, I highly recommend pairing it with some garlic and olive oil. Other things that taste delicious to sprinkle over your spinach are:

  • Goat cheese
  • Toasted slivered almonds
  • Shaved parmesan cheese
  • Chopped black olives

This is our ode to Spinach, but we’d love to hear from you….what is your favorite way to eat these delicious greens?


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